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Take Val di Fassa to the hook

The clear water of the streams, the quiet mountain lake, feel only the roar of the water … wait for the fish to bite and then pull the line

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The lovers of cane, fishing line and bait know how much satisfaction give the torrents of the Val di Fassa with their crystalline waters, the protected loops, the panoramic slalaces, where the pleasure of fishing is combined with that of a unique landscape. And they also know the generosity of alpine rii and mirrors in which they live for brown trout, iridea, marmorata or char. The watercourses in the valley designated for fishing are the Avisio torrent (presence of “no-kill” zones), Lago delle Pozze (1,920 m, Passo San Pellegrino), Lago Fedaia (2,060 m), formed by the homonymous dam, and that of Pezzè, between Moena and Soraga. Fishing is open only during the summer months, from 1 May to 30 September.

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Regulations and permits to fish in Val di Fassa

In the Avisio river, which runs from the Marmolada along the entire length of the Val di Fassa, is allowed in the summer months, from May 1 to September 30, trout fishing to holders of fishing license, prior to the acquisition of a daily permit issued by Association of Fishermen Val di Fassa. The permit, which costs € 18.00, authorizes – for the day of issue – fishing in the Avisio stream, in the dam of Fedaia, in the lake of Pozze (Passo S. Pellegrino) and in the dam of Pezzè (Soraga) , up to a maximum capture of five pieces. Anyone without a license can still fish in the Val di Fassa area by requesting a free, replacement fishing license, which lasts one month and can be requested only once a year. It is then necessary to purchase the daily permit for € 18.00.

Fishing permits distribution:

BarAlla Diga“* Fedaia – loc. Fedaa, 12 – Tel. 0462 601370
BarMiramonti” Alba di Canazei – Strèda de Costa, 199 – Tel. 0462 601325
Sport Walter Alba di Canazei – Strèda de Costa, 292 – Tel. 0462 602210
Sport 2001 Canazei – Strèda de Parèda, 41 – Tel. 0462 601322
Free Time Sport Canazei – Strèda del Faure, 26 – Tel. 0462 601283
Sport Walter* Canazei – Strèda Dolomites, 107 – Tel. 0462 601521
Parrucchiere Pino* Campitello di Fassa – Piaz Veie, 26 – Tel. 0462 750467



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