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Val di Fassa seen from above with hang-gliding and paragliding

“Flying above everything and everyone, feeling light and seeing things from a point that only a few can see.”

Ideal accommodation for flight enthusiasts near the Belvedere, Col Rodella and Passo Sella take-off and landing areas


During the spring and autumn, but mainly during the months of September and October, more lovers of free flying in Canazei who come here to admire the beautiful landscapes and enjoy the 360 ° view of the sceneries that fascinate with their thousand colors.

This sport is not only meant for the professionals but also for those who want to muster courage to experience the thrill of flying: we will help you contact the excellent and highly trained instructors, who will accompany you throughout the tandem paragliding and help you land safely.

In addition, in Val di Fassa, in recent years has become one of the most important stations for the practice of paragliding even in winter: over the ski slopes, surrounded by the mountains of Sella, Marmolada and Sassolungo mountains. In this case we recommend suitable clothing for the winter cold such as ski suit, trekking boots or after skiing with a sculpted sole.

LOCATION. The cable car close to our house departs to Belvedere Ridge, which is main point to take off. The Col Rodella is also very popular, easily reachable by the cable car of Campitello (about 2 km away, 15 min by walk) or directly by car from Passo Sella (about 12 km), where they take off hundreds of fans of this breathtaking sport every day.

Even the landing zones are located near our property, in the meadows at the entrance of the Canazei village, in the Ciasates, Ciuck and Ischia locality.

SERVICES for fans of FLIGHT at the  Cèsa Planber B&B-Apartments


You will also find various Info Corner tourist material with specific information and you will be provided with useful tips on the various flight areas to visit, as well as daily updates on weather conditions.

We are waiting for you for an adrenaline flight in the skies of Val di Fassa!


PLANADE FROM REGINA MARMOLADA. Dynamic flight with 25km / h of wind from the north from Punta Rocca in Marmolada. Departure at 9am and Top at Punta Penia Marmolada 3343m. Special conditions allowed to make a dynamic flight and to reach altitudes above 3500m already at 9:30 am.

Icarus Flying Team – Volo Marmolada 9/04/17

Volo in dinamica con 25km/h di vento da nord da Punta Rocca in Marmolada. Partiti alle ore 9 di mattina e Top a Punta Penia Marmolada 3343m. Condizioni particolari ci hanno permesso di fare un volo in dinamica e di raggiungere quote oltre i 3500m già alle 9e30 di mattina.

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