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History and family

Our most loyal guests now consider us as real friends, like their second mountain family!

The family management with thirty years of experience and the welcoming atmosphere that you breathe distinguish our B & B-Apartments Cèsa Planber in Canazei. It is therefore important for us to introduce ourselves and make ourselves known!

We are a family with particular and different interests, but very united that has made hospitality their job, or rather, passion! Day after day we try to welcome our kind Guests with a smile, giving our utmost dedication and attention so that they can spend a pleasant and unforgettable stay!


Known throughout the Val di Fassa both for his constant commitment to the community, both for the organization of events and for his musical commitment in the I Pazedins group, a nice duo that enlivens village festivals, local festivals, weddings and celebrations. birthday. He is the “uncle” of the house, as well as an important pillar of our business: you will always find him busy with maintenance both in the internal part and in the external areas – especially during the winter for clearing snow, and in summer to fix the surrounding meadows. -. Furthermore, he is always available throughout the day to give his valuable advice on activities and programs to be carried out, all seasoned with memories and events of the past, curiosities and much more: Val di Fassa will have no more secrets! You can discover for yourself, already after exchanging a few words, his availability and generosity of spirit.


As a real “mother”, Rosy also plays a fundamental role in our business: she manages the entire family organization, checking and monitoring that everything is in order and organized in the best possible way. During the breakfast service, she will serve you fresh eggs which she really prepares in a thousand ways: scrambled, fried, omelette, boiled, poached, so as not to miss anything! In addition, with care and dedication, as a perfect housewife, she also follows the laundry and ironing department. In the summer, it is her job to follow the garden and take care of all the colorful flowers that surround the house. She is very fussy but this allows her to always carry out the various jobs with the utmost attention and precision.


It is she who takes care of following all the Guests from the moment of booking, giving a truly personalized service: there will be practical advice to be able to spend an unforgettable stay. In the morning you will find her serving hot drinks at the tables just like at the bar, preparing tasty cappuccinos, hot chocolate and much more, all seasoned with a smile and lots of news to start the day in the best way. She loves to travel, get involved and always meet new people and it is this peculiarity that allows her to socialize easily with all guests. Thanks to our Facebook page, which we update daily with photos and events in the area, keep in touch with all those who stay here and are so encouraged to come back to find us even for a short future visit.


They are the “puppies” of the house, even if they have grown up by now. It was they who rushed into the dining room during breakfast, before going to school, to grab the freshly baked croissants. They are, obviously together with their older sister Melania, the future of Cèsa Planber. Matteo follows in his sister’s footsteps in welcoming customers, to best advise them for an unforgettable holiday in the Dolomites. A warm smile in the morning during breakfast, a welcome even in the late evening for check-in. During his free time, he likes to help his uncle Danilo with the care of the house, during the winter in shoveling the snow and during the summer with the care of the garden. On the contrary, Nicoletta takes care of the communication of the structure, from the social channels (increasingly important!) To the actual construction and management of the site’s contents, constantly updated (this paragraph was also written by her!). And, when needed, it helps here and there in the various management activities, a little wild card!


She is the central figure of the whole family, by now she has reached the beautiful age of 90: once a woman who was always very busy both in looking after the family and in hard work in the fields. As a parent, he taught his children the daily commitment and the good will to do and achieve what has become the family business today: that of welcoming you into our home! His dream has come true! Moreover, it is thanks to the perseverance and dedication handed down to us that we always manage to give a good service, improving ourselves season after season. He loves traveling by car in the Dolomites, to always rediscover the breathtaking views of the cathedrals of the Dolomites with wonder in his eyes! We will never stop thanking you for your commitment and for the teachings of every day!

We just have to wait for you to welcome you!

Fam. Planchensteiner









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